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My name is Sharlena Hassani and I am a licensed esthetician in Los Angeles. My purpose as an esthetician is to spread my knowledge about skincare so that my clients can achieve and maintain healthy and clear skin! I spent years trying to figure out how to gain control over my own skin. Struggling with acne and pigmentation I tried and spent thousands on different products, went to multiple skincare specialists (e.g. estheticians, dermatologists) trying to achieve that beautiful clarity and glow that every person wants from their skin. Some products worked a little, but nothing made the lasting, long-term difference that I was desperately seeking. That is when I decided to take matters into my own hands and my passion for skincare started! I studied ingredients and cosmetic chemistry to figure out the connection between specific substances and how the skin functions on a day-to-day basis. Doing so has not only allowed me to finally have complete control over my skin, but to know exactly what it takes to maintain clear, youthful and glowing skin! Everybody deserves to be comfortable in his or her own skin – it is my goal to help our clients achieve that confidence.

Lindsay Mareè is a licensed esthetician specializing in problem skin. With 10+ years experience, she treats and heals any form of acne, scarring, or skin discoloration. Plagued by acne and sensitive skin as an adolescent and as an adult, she understands the toll it can take on one’s life. As her complexion worsened, so did her state of being, but she was determined to find a cure. Lindsay was treated by numerous dermatologists and tried countless products, yet nothing would do the trick. Reluctantly she was forced to take matters into her own hands. After years of research and education in skin care, she created a regimen that cleared her skin, and has kept it that way! With such great success, Lindsay Mareè emerged to help those in need. Energized by her rediscovered beauty, Lindsay began transferring her practices to her clients as an esthetician. As someone who’s had problem skin in the past, she shares and values her clients’ urgency for results. Lindsay Mareè’s treatments and home regimens are designed to give positive results immediately – because she knows what works!

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  •   I absolutely love this place! Lindsay is amazing! I have been going to her now for about 3 month now and let me tell you, my skin is finally glowing! I have had so many issues with my skin, had a lot of white heads, blackheads and kept breaking out. But my friend who has an absolute beautiful clear skin told me about this place and since day 1 my whole face cleared up. I'm not kidding. I purchased the full kit after my first facial, (it is kind of pricey but so worth it) but now I can't live without my products! I will never go anywhere else anymore! I am super blessed now and confident to walk out without makeup on my face, a lot of people stop me now and ask me what do I use on my skin because it looks so good!
    Thank you Lindsay for making me look beautiful!

    thumb Céline K.
  •   I go to Lindsay for treatments 🙂
    I started visiting her because I really wanted to change my skin. And whenever I go see her, my skin always glows after every treatment (and is improving!)
    She's super nice and wants the best for your skin!

    thumb Alana S.
  •   I've spent all of life playing a guessing game with my skin. I spent so much money trying product after product hoping that something would miraculously work & give me perfect skin. No miracle occurred until I started seeing Lindsay back in January. I suffer from hormonal acne and as a result had quite a bit of scarring. Lindsay started me on a personalized skin care regimen that address my specific skin concerns. These products are amazing. I couldn't be more excited to finally know I'm not throwing my money away on products that don't work for my skin. She also recommended what I could do in regard to changing my diet & supplement intake to help heal my skin from within.
    After a series of microneedling treatments & a couple Gly Glow facials, my skin has never looked better. My scarring is completely gone and my skin is GLOWING! I have never been able to confidently go out in public without makeup, until now. I seldom wear makeup now and it feels so good.
    Allie, the receptionist, is so sweet & welcoming. I've been treated by the other esthetician, Sharlena, when Lindsay couldn't make it to our appointment and she is also so wonderful! Overall such an incredible place with amazing staff that know what they're doing! Can't recommend Artisan of Skin enough & I can't thank Lindsay enough for giving me the skin I only ever dreamed of having.

    thumb Selena C.
  •   Today marks day 80 that I have been pimple free!! I first found AOS via Instagram from a person I follow--they posted a very traumatic photo of their face completely broken out....as a model, I was shocked! I thought she had "perfect" skin. As someone who struggled with hormonal acne at age 21-27, the last 6 or so years have been a nightmare. I've tried almost everything under the sun: proactive, facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermatologist prescribed antibiotics, Rx lotions and creams...I felt hopeless and all I wanted was to be MAKEUP FREE, but couldn't. I constantly tried to cover up my skin and aimed for the "no-makeup-makeup-look" which worked because no one thought I had bad skin. So I found myself going back to the ig page of this girl, and clicking on the photo tag--@itslindsaybua. It brought me to lindsay's page and I DM'd her. I was completely nervous because I'm from a smaller suburb in L. A. and the west side...let alone, BEVERLY HILLS, has a REPUTATION...a not so nice one, so I figured she would ignore my message since I'm no ig influencer or movie star like her other clients. WRONG! Lindsay replied within an hour! She was so sweet and very personable. She asked for a photo of my skin and little blurb about what I have been going through--she then quickly put together a regimen of ALL NATURAL VITAMINS for me to take to jump start my healing process. She then recommended the Jan Marini skin line and told me about her personal struggle with acne and how this regimen has truly worked for her. I amazon prime'd the vitamins, and placed an order for the skin care regimen and then began searching their ig page for testimonials, b/a photos, info on Jan Marini and all the crazy things you do when you are skeptical of something new. I kept thinking, "can my skin truly get THESE results?!" I was a little shocked at the price for the regimen but figured, I've spent a lot of money at the dermatologist and that got me no where so I might as well splurge again and pray it works. Lindsay then recommend I go see her in BH at AOS for a glyglow facial...again, me being super skeptical, It took me 2 days to respond back and schedule. I figured the cost of treatment would be expensive especially knowing it would require more than just 1 miracle session. Within 3 weeks I saw a drastic change! I then went to see Lindsay and she was so sweet in person! She truly makes you feel comfortable in your own bare skin. So far, I'm on day 80-I've had 4 treatments--glyglow facial, chemical peel, DermaPen microneedling (2x) and scheduled for my 5th appt in 2 weeks. I have seen a total TRANSFORMATION, a real transformation in my skin and I'm loving every bit of it. I have gone make up free many days now because I finally can! Lindsay is super encouraging and great at coaching you through your journey. It definitely is something I would consider expensive, especially when you have to return every 2-3 weeks to keep on top of the progress, and because I don't live close, I have to take a full day off work to go. I would honestly say it's worth it though. To hear someone tell me, "you look amazing! Your skin looks beautiful!" ....it makes me cry every time. Can't wait to muster the courage to share my b/a photos! Lastly, in order to see a transformation, you have to be willing to let Lindsay do what she needs to do. If she recommends a peel and it will require down time and ugly dry flaky skin, do it! She knows what she is doing! A little flaky skin or redness stopped me! The more limitations you put, the slower your progress! #TRUSTTHSPROCESS

    thumb Dani D.

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