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My name is Sharlena Hassani and I am a licensed esthetician in Los Angeles. My purpose as an esthetician is to spread my knowledge about skincare so that my clients can achieve and maintain healthy and clear skin! I spent years trying to figure out how to gain control over my own skin. Struggling with acne and pigmentation I tried and spent thousands on different products, went to multiple skincare specialists (e.g. estheticians, dermatologists) trying to achieve that beautiful clarity and glow that every person wants from their skin. Some products worked a little, but nothing made the lasting, long-term difference that I was desperately seeking. That is when I decided to take matters into my own hands and my passion for skincare started! I studied ingredients and cosmetic chemistry to figure out the connection between specific substances and how the skin functions on a day-to-day basis. Doing so has not only allowed me to finally have complete control over my skin, but to know exactly what it takes to maintain clear, youthful and glowing skin! Everybody deserves to be comfortable in his or her own skin – it is my goal to help our clients achieve that confidence.

Lindsay Mareè is a licensed esthetician specializing in problem skin. With 10+ years experience, she treats and heals any form of acne, scarring, or skin discoloration. Plagued by acne and sensitive skin as an adolescent and as an adult, she understands the toll it can take on one’s life. As her complexion worsened, so did her state of being, but she was determined to find a cure. Lindsay was treated by numerous dermatologists and tried countless products, yet nothing would do the trick. Reluctantly she was forced to take matters into her own hands. After years of research and education in skin care, she created a regimen that cleared her skin, and has kept it that way! With such great success, Lindsay Mareè emerged to help those in need. Energized by her rediscovered beauty, Lindsay began transferring her practices to her clients as an esthetician. As someone who’s had problem skin in the past, she shares and values her clients’ urgency for results. Lindsay Mareè’s treatments and home regimens are designed to give positive results immediately – because she knows what works!

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  •   Shar is a skincare queen!!!!
    She has been keeping my skin in pristine condition since 2016, when I started seeing her at the previous salon she worked at. She is so knowledgable, personable, helpful, and flexible. I was struggling with moderate acne, cystic pimples that would cause a lot of pain, and combination skin that constantly fluctuated and was hard to work with. From even before my first facial with her, we discussed my skin type and what my concerns were, so that we could come up with a personalized regimen for my skin every day. She helped me pick and choose which products were best for me and what the essentials were so that I could stick to my budget. The regimen alone made such a substantial difference I couldn't believe it!

    During the first facial, Shar explained to me exactly what each step of the process was, and made me feel super comfortable. I felt pampered and at the same time was able to learn more about my skin and what it needed. Since then, I haven't had any major breakouts-maybe a couple super minor zits every once in a great while. I feel so much more confident when I leave the house and it's incredible to feel like I don't need to put on makeup every time I go out in public. Whenever I have questions, Shar always gets back to me quickly and whenever I need to get in, she manages to be flexible with her time!

    I could't recommend her enough. Love you Shar!

    thumb Jenna D.
  •   Lindsay transformed my skin and changed my life. I have acne prone skin but go through periods where my skin is good. After about a 6-8 month bout of awful skin and acne breakouts, I was desperate and hopeless. It seemed I had tried it all - between acne-fighting drinks to antibiotic pills to trying all of the different skincare products you can imagine (all with a continued sense of hope only to be let down continually by the same results and money down the drain once again). Not to mention, I act and model so having good skin is a must and I was tired of this being a constant insecurity. I saw Artisan of Skin on a model friend's Instagram post and looked up reviews. After reading all of the raving reviews and seeing transformation photos, I decided to give it a go of my own.

    I texted the number listed and Allie, who works front desk, responded to me personally, recommended a personalized treatment and helped setup an initial gly-glow facial after asking me detailed questions about my skin and reading my responses. Immediately upon entering the space, everyone was super warm and informative. Despite servicing high-paying, high-status clientele (which I am not), they nonetheless treat everyone with the same amount of respect and attention to detail.

    Lindsay was so patient and enthusiastic in answering all of my questions throughout the facial, and told me we actually had very similar skin and there was hope - that in no time I would have clear, flawless skin. As I looked upon hers in admiration, it was almost hard to believe and seemed too good to be true and so far away, but it fed my hope and comforted me in a way I hadn't been in a long time. She sent me home with samples of a whole new skincare routine, a diet sin gluten, dairy, or processed sugar, and a list of organic supplements to start taking.

    Within a short period of time, my skin was already on the upswing and has only continued getting better and better. Now, after multiple gly-glow treatments, one microneedling session, and continued adherence to the Jan Marini skincare products and skin routine, my skin is better than it ever has been. I'm finally able to go makeup free and feel confident in my own skin. It's pricey but worth every penny!!!! I don't spend my money anywhere really, but my skin is something I'm willing to invest in, and when you see results like this you don't even second guess it. Honestly, you spend just as much if not more trying a bunch of different products only to get no results. I'm so so so thankful I stumbled upon this place and Lindsay and Allie. Everyone is amazing and if you're looking for a place with REAL RESULTS - this is the one!!

    thumb Lauren W.
  •   Lindsay brought my skin back to life after I started experiencing breakouts when I turned 30. I tried several different things on my own and different products suggested by skincare retailers...nothing was working! I had clear skin up to this point and it could not have been more frustrating. After 1 visit with Lindsay the breakouts stopped and the ones I had started to clear. I use all of the products that she recommended along with a couple of her treatments and breakouts are SO far and few between. Back to going makeup free.  Listen to Lindsay...worth every penny!

    thumb Brittany C.
  •   I absolutely love this place! Lindsay is amazing! I have been going to her now for about 3 month now and let me tell you, my skin is finally glowing! I have had so many issues with my skin, had a lot of white heads, blackheads and kept breaking out. But my friend who has an absolute beautiful clear skin told me about this place and since day 1 my whole face cleared up. I'm not kidding. I purchased the full kit after my first facial, (it is kind of pricey but so worth it) but now I can't live without my products! I will never go anywhere else anymore! I am super blessed now and confident to walk out without makeup on my face, a lot of people stop me now and ask me what do I use on my skin because it looks so good!
    Thank you Lindsay for making me look beautiful!

    thumb Céline K.

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