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Our Story

Through years of experience, the Artisan of skin team has built an incredible clientele ranging from celebrities and models to moms and teens. Our passion for result-oriented treatments with research backed skincare solutions stems from our own personal journey’s. Discovering solutions for each of our personal skins issues and needs ultimately led us to 100% success and a dedication to share our discoveries. We believe skin care should not simply address the skins current condition but should provide the skin with exceptional preventative care to achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin at any age. Our award-winning homecare and professional products offer dramatic results without compromise. By holding ourselves to the highest standard, we give each client customized treatments and product knowledge to maximize results in treatment and maintain those results at home. 



"My combination of medical-grade skincare and holistic internal health will completely transform your skin in the best way possible”. Lindsay Mareè is a licensed esthetician specializing in problem skin. With over a decade of successfully treating all types of skin, she’s become known to treat even the most stubborn cases! She treats and heals any form of acne, scarring, and pigmentation. Plagued by acne and sensitive skin as an adolescent and as an adult, she understands the toll it can take on one’s life. As her complexion worsened, so did her state of being, but she was determined to find a cure. Lindsay was treated by numerous dermatologists, tried countless products and medications, yet nothing would do the trick. Reluctantly she was forced to take matters into her own hands. After years of skin care research, education, and training, she discovered a regimen that cleared her skin, and has kept it that way! With such great success, Lindsay Mareè Advanced Skin Care emerged to help those in need. Energized by her rediscovered beauty, Lindsay began transferring her practices to her clients as an esthetician. As someone who’s had problem skin in the past, she shares and values her clients’ urgency for results. Lindsay Mareè’s advanced skincare methods are designed to give positive results immediately, because she knows what works!

Sharlena Hassani


My name is Sharlena Hassani and I am a licensed esthetician in Beverly Hills. My purpose as an esthetician is to spread my knowledge about skincare so my clients can achieve and maintain healthy, clear and youthful skin! I spent years trying to figure out how to gain control over my own skin. Struggling with acne and pigmentation, I tried and spent thousands on every product imaginable, went to multiple skincare specialists (e.g. estheticians, dermatologists) trying to achieve the beautiful clarity and glow that every person wants from their skin. Some products worked slightly, but nothing made a lasting, long-term difference that I so desperately sought. I decided to take matters into my own hands and my passion for skincare started!

I studied ingredients and cosmetic chemistry to figure out the connection between specific substances and how the skin functions on a day-to-day basis. Doing so has not only allowed me to finally have complete control over my skin, but to know exactly what it takes to maintain clear, youthful and glowing skin for each unique skin type! Everybody deserves to be comfortable and confident in their own skin – it is my goal to help each clients achieve that clarity.



With a background in skin care marketing at Kate Somerville and years of experience at Burke Williams Spa, licensed esthetician Jen Leon is the newest addition to our team. Having experienced oily, congested, acne prone skin herself, Jen’s initial reaction was to cover up her acne with makeup. Eventually, being around friends and out in public became an issue that no degree of makeup was able to cover up. The light switched from makeup to skincare when she finally visited an esthetician who helped spark her journey to healthy skin. Jen’s focus changed - wanting to learn as much as she possibly could about products, treatments and ingredients in order to finally achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy, glowing skin for herself. With incredible success treating her own skin, her passion grew as she wanted to help others dealing with any skin issues both heal and grow into their naturally beautiful selves. During her years at Burke Williams Spa, Jen has helped hundreds of clients rejuvenate their skin. Her main focus is to address the skins needs through detailed and personalized treatments while providing clients with the knowledge they need to boost and maintain their results achieved during treatment at home. From adult and adolescent acne to restorative anti-aging treatments, Jen works with each client individually to make their skin look and feel healthy, revived, and radiant.