Post Treatment Balm


Post Treatment Balm

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Post Treatment Balm is formulated with 1% hydrocortisone, zinc and glycosaminoglycan’s to soothe and nurture inflammation by accelerating the healing process. It instantly reduces swelling and irritation while protecting the skin.

Best For: Recommended for all skin types in need of occlusion and protection before, during and after any chemical peel treatment.

Directions: For post procedural use only; used as needed (maximum of 7 days).  occlude eyebrows, mucus membranes – outer corners of eyes, nose and lips or any disrupted skin – prior to any professional treatment


Active Ingredient: Hydrocortisone

Customer Reviews

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Ashley Yakoub
This balm is the bomb!

I’ve used this ever since I started going to AOS and it’s so versatile! I use it after my facials and whenever I could use some extra hydration! A little goes a very long way so it’s definitely a great buy!

Lauren Botchan
Really effective balm

I have the tube and I use it any time areas get extremely dry or after facials when there's some leftover redness. It's super helpful and brightens the skin in the areas you use it. One tube will last a very long time!

i stock up on these

this is a must-have product to have in the cabinet. a thick balm/cream that is amazing for not only post-treatment skin, but also dry nights when my skin needs a little overnight mask... the only thing this moisturizing that NEVER breaks me out. its a miracle cream. I also use it on my eczema and it works great, has hydrocortisone so helps with redness and itching too.

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Asha M.
Versatile Balm!!

Love love love this healing balm. It works for just about everything- post treatment, little cuts/scrapes, and even for the gentlemen who shave their beards as aftercare